Sing, dance, play, write, and grow your spirit with Caroline Balderston Parry. A world traveled Canadian celebrator, writer, collage artist and religious educator, she’s a folksinger and storyteller who has published both poetry and nonfiction, including two award-winning books written for children and adults.

Let’s Celebrate Canada’s Special Days! has been a major reference work in Canada for over twenty years, and Eleanora’s Diary, a unique presentation of Canadian emigrant life in the 1830s, sparked the Scholastic “Dear Canada” fiction series. Caroline also edited Zoomerang A Boomerang!, a collection of poetry for beginning readers that sold approximately 40,000 copies!

Photo: Christina Guimond

Caroline currently serves as part time Director of Religious Education, or DRE, for the Unitarian Church of Montreal and is about to publish a meditative adult volume, The Heron Spirals, A Commonplace Book.

From 2006-2008 Caroline served as the Interim Director of Religious Education [IDRE] at the First Unitarian Universalist Church of Columbus, Ohio, and from 2002-2005 was Interim DRE at the Ottawa First Unitarian Congregation.

Previous to this second career, Caroline was a freelance performer, teacher and writer. She frequently held “Artist in Education” residencies through the Ontario Arts Council, as well as presenting concerts and workshops through several Ontario and national arts organizations like Mariposa in the Schools [MITS], Multicultural Arts for School and Community [MASC], the Storytellers’ School of Toronto and the Writers Union of Canada. In addition Caroline has often taught adult classes in Re-Evaluation or Co-Counseling, a world-wide peer counseling movement begun in the 1950s. She has always loved helping people reflect on their life purpose and goals, how to “grow their spirits”, as she puts it.

In addition, as a lifelong Quaker, Caroline has worked with many aspects of religious education.

In 2005 Caroline was nominated for an Ottawa YWCA “Women of Distinction” award, and in 2010 she was installed as the Director of Religious Education at the Unitarian Church of Montreal, where she lives for approximately ten months each year.

She is available for limited speaking engagements and schools programs. Contact Caroline.

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