Jul 12 2016

May is certainly the month of exploding gardens in Ottawa! Everything grew so fast, even though I took photographs to record my delight, I didn’t have time to post them! Here are some highlights, however, at the end of the month of May:IMG_1976
Crown Imperial
Alliums (in the photo)
Sprouting seeds of various salad greens
Lillies of the valley
I even fashioned a homemade bird bath, and now clean it regularly, though have yet to see the birds frolic there….
And June continued full of both garden and other delights, so there have been poppies, peonies, petunias, and my beans are climbing their trellis like mad, as well as tomato plants.
— So when is there time for working on new (or old!) writing projects, my friends ask…? Well, I did create a new haiku or two in the midst of all my garden work; here are some samples –based in my nearby Mud Lake conservation area, not exactly my back yard:
Sweet honeysuckle 
Clothes green ranges woodlands;
Companions birdsong.

Pale pink-white tea cups

set on green plates, blue water:

Mud Lake tea party!
July is — so far — a month of watering, trusting there will be rain, and continued new flowers and growth (despite some hungry rabbit habitants).  Tomatoes are setting, beans and clover are blooming, roses are finished, herbs are additions to my food every day.  My garden/yard is very shady, and even on hot days it always has a peaceful retreat feeling. What a blessing, to just wander, water, weed… Dig, sit, prune, tune in to the spirit of green growth…

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