Moved, retired and turned 70!

Nov 05 2015

RawSugar_heronSpirals_posterWell, it has taken about six months, but finally I feel as if my big transition has fully settled into a sense of belonging back in Britannia, my corner of Ottawa.  I feel more and more rooted, grounded here for now, and I am glad of each day’s nuances of colour, skies, people, unprogrammed or quite scheduled times.  So I rejoice!

Not only that, but at last I am back into some satisfying creative writing, like this haiku this week:

Clocks changed!  Dusk so soon —
squirrels, walkers, overcome
with longing for light!

I have also written a memorial minute for my 102 year old Quaker friend Janet Martin who died in July, and some other official reports or personal long letters; currently I am working on both my Harvard 50th reunion report AND a book promo event that requires me to create a poster and get it distributed everywhere, including here!  (And I need to get to bed, so tomorrow will be a flowing, not struggling, day…. I am also taking better care of myself!)

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