My Roller Coaster Life!

Apr 21 2016

The roller coaster life, even though mine is actually the bus-and-bike version, is so omnipresent and delight-full that I have not found time to write here in the past several months….but life IS good in Ottawa, AND being retired does mean less formal work, although understandably LOTS more informal ways to be involved in the well-being of my-and-our world.
It does take me more minutes to move my body around from place to place without a car, but I am much more savvy now than before the winter about the bus system, and SO excited to be getting back on my bike — first photo shows it after a late spring snowfall three weeks ago, and if I took one today, you’d see my magnificent budding magnolia and a patch of blue scillas (tech problems/time mean the bike even LOOKS like a roller coaster)!
I could make a series of paragraphs about what now claims my attention, and all the different “irons in the fire” I have, but more importantly I want to lift up the significance of both NATURE and rest in this hurly burly life, and to say yes, I am busy, but I also take a NAP almost every day in my retired-yet-whirling world!  
Plus I have found time to make a few collages at Centre 510, a drop-in for homeless First Nations folks where I volunteer to help with lunch (and now a small piece of programming).  And I do not stop writing/sending out my haiku.  What a satisfying habit of mind and spirit!  This one is for April in Ontario:
No daffodils —
Osier dogwood just flags spring
With its scarlet stems!
red oosier






(will this osier dogwood image get “rolled over”? Stay tuned!)


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