Some views — of many — from a suitcase summer

Sep 01 2014

Train out of Milano, speeding too fast through Lombardy to read station names, though I want to. On my way back to London after my various Italian adventures, glad to be able to look at all we pass, not just fly over it.
Flat green fields, flat crops I don’t recognize, flat puddles and straight irrigation ditches, a few flat but full rivers; pretty big fields. I so enjoy gazing out and watching the landscape.

So far, two (then three) white egrets standing, and one I think in flight, now another (then a third, fourth) slow-flapping over the little humped lines of hedge or weed or earth dividing the fields.
Above the flat landscape and the town buildings, the blocks of flats or slightly-slope-roof houses, looms an occasional dome or the clock tower of an Italian church building (sometimes a communications tower!)
Along the margins, wild flowers I mostly recognize.
So far, no wild places, no woods or even copses; plenty of trees in the towns, but only a few dot the field lines.
Slowly some mountains are emerging from the blue grey morning in the distance — west and north.
Tile roofs, always terra cotta; a yellow field; a brown field.
Now some substantial clumps of trees, some clearly plantations; mountains looming bigger, trees along their ridge lines, then they are behind us. We are approaching the Alps!

DSC07401Now out of Torino, and we just went through a gap in some huge mountains on both sides, massive rock faces rising up almost directly from the plain with BIG trees, small flanking fields, and a castle way way up at the top – how would any army assault such a high fortress? Clouds on the mountaintops; a few poppies beside a highway cutting; plum trees in the little gardens… Tiny corn plants here, then medium height plants; the valley is wider… A different, lower down castle comes into view, seems a more reasonable point of command… A ripe field of wheat or barley, then some grape vines, and now a tunnel. A long one, through those Alps!

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