Well into 2014, may we grow well . . .

Feb 21 2014

201402061935Oh readers near and far, my warm greetings for this new year ARE indeed that, whenever you see this. Epiphany and “Old Christmas,” Chinese New Year and Candlemas/Groundhogs Day are long past; now I’m later than Valentines [these are large sculptured hearts outside the Museum of Fine Arts  in Montreal]….and we’re approaching our Canadian RRSP “special day” deadline, next on the calendar! Still, as the days grow into months in this new year, I wish you — and myself — a sense of y/our place and meaning in y/our life, wish us inner growth.
I’m not sure whether I’ve been slow in posting here simply because I’m aging and unable to do as much as I want/ed, or because the world is just going faster, getting fuller/more complex and taking more time to experience….In any case, here I offer my deep wishes for your flourishing, wherever you are in the world or the life cycle.

As I write, Montreal is having another spell of deep cold, and I’m sitting in the Westmount public greenhouses, enjoying the growth of bright flowers and green foliage indoors. I postponed writing this for too long, even as I also scrambled to make Seville marmalade one special-day-for-kitchen-joys, but here I am, wishing you well . . .

IMG_2563Tangy peels, soft pulp,
boil to clear jell, bittersweet: marmalade, like life!








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  1. Hello Caroline, I am the friend of Gini Smith about whom she spoke in a recent conversation with you. That may have even been today…don’t recall….I am a senior too! I found a copy of The Heron Spirals on a table in her apt and read enough to be delighted to be able to purchase a copy that she still had. Once I have made notes of authors and poets, I plan to send it to a very long time friend in Princeton Jct, New Jersey! Judy will also rejoice in your use of language, the art work and the prose and poetry that you have so skillfully inserted into your reflections. Judy scouts out heron rookeries in her neighbourhood. I am drawn into your colourful descriptive detail, especially of the natural environment. My soul is [also] restored by that which is outside my window and beyond. Gratefully, although in an apt bldg in Guelph, I view a river, bird feeders [hung and stocked by my downstairs neighbour], their patrons, trees, squirrels, geese, gulls, ducks, and the occasional heron. Gini did give me your phone number but thought this a less intrusive way to say hello! Peace and joy, Barbara

  2. Thanks for your lovely comments and sorry not to have replied sooner. Your location sounds wonderful in contrast to my work year apartment in Montreal which has too. Little natural resources though is redeemed by location!

  3. Beautiful!

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