Whew, Labour Day and many labours approach for me!

Sep 01 2014

imageHere I am with a friend, both breathless after finding one another on the last day of our busy summers, getting ready to watch the Arcade Fire concert on Montreal on the 30th! I do love my work at the Unitarian Church of Montreal, but going back to the office tomorrow is coming too soon –there’s still so much of my summer to digest, photos to pore over, songs to sing, and written records of one kind or another (ideas, letters, talks, books read, etc) to ponder . . . So I decided I would do something visual, and go work on collages for a few hours to ease the transition. Meantime, I have also posted ONE of many different snatches from my summer travels. How I have enjoyed them all, though I had to calmly accept my life as a yo-yo was the summer reality!

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