Caroline has published both nonfiction and poetry, on line, on the CBC, and in book collections, magazines and newspapers.

heronspirals-coverHer latest book is a meditative volume of short essays about great blue herons and her life before and after being widowed at age 50: The Heron Spirals: A Commonplace Book.

Read more about The Heron Spirals.

Foreword | Excerpt from the book | More about Caroline and herons

To sample some of her other essays & poems, try below, or check her blog:

300 word postcard Chickadee story

“Carless –but Carefree?” (1000 word essay read on CBC Radio 1)



Caroline has also written two award-winning books for both children and adults, and edited a fun-filled collection of children’s poetry.


Let’s Celebrate Canada’s Special Days! has been a major reference work for over twenty years, and won both the Toronto IODE Book Award in 1987 and the Children’s Literature Roundtable’s Information Book Award in 1988.

To learn more about a Canadian Special Day being celebrated this season click here.


Eleanora’s Diary, The Journals of a Canadian Pioneer Girl, a unique presentation of Canadian emigrant life in the 1830s based on an actual girl’s diaries, sparked the Scholastic “Dear Canada” fiction series.

Learn more about the Hallen family fonds at the National Library and Archives.


Caroline edited Zoomerang A Boomerang!, a collection of poetry for beginning readers that sold approximately 40,000 copies. To read a rhyme that tickles your tongue and makes your belly laugh, and learn the hand or body motions to go with it, click here.

All three of these children’s titles are out of print but can be bought directly from the author, as Caroline has a small quantity of each for sale, as both new and used stock.  To order or enquire, go to the contact page.

Be sure to tell her how you would like your copy to be autographed.

To see Caroline’s publishing CV, click here.

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  1. Caroline! Please can I order a copy of Zoomerang a Boomerang!? First time I’ve found out about it! And I want the new Herons book too, of course.

    Hopefully, S-B

  2. How can I purchase a copy of The Heron Spirals? I cannot locate it in the usual places. Thanks,
    Lucy Guernsey

  3. Hi Lucy, where are you? I don’t have any copies in the UK yet for sale, tho hope to shortly, and I can post one wherever in N.America. Why don’t we fine tune this all by email –, or perhaps I can phone you?

  4. Judith Ann Overman

    I wish to order The Heron Spirals.

  5. Hi Judith —
    I was away for a long european trip and have not, I am afraid, responded to your request from May (or have I?)
    If you are still interested, please reply to these two email addresses and we will arrange it, or

    cell 1-514-622-2173

  6. did I ever respond to you? Sorry if not! Just digging in old comments and found you. Please reply if still interested to my email

  7. I just dug up my childhood copy of Eleanora’s Diary because I am now a grade 7 history teacher and it fits perfectly into the time period we study! It’s wonderful to read about the 1830s from the perspective of a child who is only a few years younger than my students. The only problem is that I am an extended French teacher. Is there a French translation of this work? (I know it’s a stretch…but one can hope!)

  8. Are there any copies of Eleanora’s Diary available. the story takes place on or very near the farm where my father in law grew up and there are a few family members who would like a copy

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