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My late husband David Parry was a terrific folksinger and storyteller, as well as a renowned medieval drama scholar and actor who went on from academia (he directed the PLS at the University of Toronto for over ten years) to found Dramamuse, the resident theatre company at the Canadian Museum of Civilization.

David’s career was beautifully acknowledged in an obituary written by his friend and fellow singer Ian Robb (also a member of the wacky celidgh band called The Friends of Fiddlers Green).

We met each other in India in 1968 and were married at Mitraniketan, the school and community development project in Kerala where I was a volunteer (and David became one). In 2007 I visited Mitraniketan for a month –it is a fascinating, pioneering community still, and always glad to have volunteers. Contact Dr Reghu Rama Das,

Find out more general information about David on Wikipedia.

One of the pleasures of growing older is watching the next generation step forward, and in my own life, I get to follow the very creative careers of both of my children.

Evalyn Parry leads a richly diversified life as an actress, award-winning songwriter, spoken word artist and theatre creator. She performs solo, in duos, trios, or wild ensembles (even with an amplified bike!), at music, poetry, storytelling and theatre festivals from coast to coast across North America.

She’s always funny, provocative, challenging and accessible, and I have been to many of those performances, an avid-but-unbiased fan. How many mums get to be deeply moved by, laugh uproariously at, or sing along with their daughters? . . . Check out her own website and all its visual and aural treats:

Here’s a taste of a word piece Evalyn wrote that repeatedly takes my breath away:

This one is for

the non-conformers and the system buckers

it’s for the girly men and the lady truckers

the organic farmers, the local food growers

the old-school, mechanical, push lawn mowers

the two wheel riders, the trouble makers

the public-transportation-takers

it’s for the girls who cut their hair, and the ladies who refuse to shave

it’s for everyone who has ever been brave

it’s for the time you didn’t behave ….

Richard Reed Parry started life as a medieval theatre and folk festival kid, went on to play drums on every empty cookie tin and waste basket in the house, and as an adult is a Canadian musician and composer. He’s a member of the indie rock band Arcade Fire, where he plays double bass, celesta, keyboards, electric guitar, and accordion, and has been called “a multiinstrumentalist, noisemaker, and all-round nice guy.” I’m his mother — what can I say but I agree! He is also the leader of the Bell Orchestre, in which he primarily plays double bass and is the de facto producer. I love their sound and never want a Bell O piece to stop . . .

Richard Reed’s first work for orchestra, entitled “For Heart, Breath and Orchestra” was premiered in November 2009 in Toronto and Kitchener, performed by the Kitchener/Waterloo Orchestra. I was there, and it also took my breath away! Richard Reed writes that “…it’s an experimental piece in which most of the musicians in the orchestra are wearing stethoscopes and playing in time with their own individual heart rates, or breathing rates, and the conductor conducts using his own breath as the tempo guide.” I don’t want that piece to stop, either –you can listen to it on the podcast of The Signal, from CBC Radio 2 for Friday November 25th, 2009.


What a rich world we swim in, and how many people are working on such creative projects or fascinating research or important personal or social change! Check out some of my recent favourite websites below . . ..

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