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Caroline delivers annual lecture to Canadian Yearly Meeting of the Society of Friends (Quakers:

I was invited to give this usually quite formal talk eighteen months before the actual August 18, 2013, date, and agreed, with a great sense of humility and some trepidation, on the condition that I could speak in short blocks of time, rather than for an entire hour, and could ask my listeners  to respond to my words in dyads or triads throughout the whole.  This is what happened, with the addition of some perfect segues of music composed by my son, Richard Reed Parry, called “Duet for Heart and Breath,” and a wonderful photo taken by Nathalie Brunet, a Quaker friend, just a few days before the lecture — what serendipity! The painted image of the heron with wings curving through space is one of the many wonderful illustrations to my book, The Heron Spirals, all done by artist Roderick MacIver of www.herondance.org

As a lifelong Quaker, Caroline has worked with many aspects of religious education through the Religious Society of Friends, or Quakers, in Canada and the USA. www.quaker.ca or www.quaker.org

She has directed several programs at Camp NeeKauNis in Ontario; run the “Family Place” at FGC Gatherings; and in 1999 she was writer in residence at Sibford [Friends] School near Banbury, Oxfordshire.

From 2005-7 Caroline was a member of the “Consultation and Renewal” working group of Canadian Quakers. Currently she works with Quakers locally in Montreal as a mid-week meeting facilitator; serves Ottawa Friends as a corresponding member of the Adult Religious Education Committee, and consults nationally on aspects of religious education and community-building.

In 1995 Caroline was part of a community TV series in Ottawa called “Search for the Sacred.” She and Clive Doucet, later a city councillor, both speak about Quakerism and their own sense of the sacred here:

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